A quick look at Pixopolitan

Founded in October 2012 and based in Paris, Pixopolitan is the number 1 website for the sale of artistic urban photography printed on high-quality mountings. Whether you are looking for a photograph of New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong or any other city in the world, you will find what you’re looking for in the Pixopolitan gallery thanks to our extensive community of photographers located around the world.

“When I came back from two years of studying in China, I was searching for the perfect picture of Shanghai’s famous skyline to decorate my apartment with. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and that’s how I came up with the idea of creating a website specializing in the sale of photos of major cities”, explains Romain Barbet, co-founder of Pixopolitan.


Are you a lover of photography and interior design?

The gallery

Pixopolitan has the largest library of artistic urban photographs online. Thanks to us, you can bring New York, Shanghai, Paris or any other city in the world into your living room! With over 10,000 categorized photographs and an ever-increasing selection, you will surely find the urban photograph of your dreams to decorate your home with !


Pixopolitan offers you a service that is unique in the world! If you can’t find the photo of your dreams on our site, we will commission our photographers so that they will shoot the picture that you want in the city or even the street that you wish! With our strong community of photographers that keeps growing each day, we are ready to meet your requests and find you the photograph of your dreams !


Are you a talented photographer? Reveal your talent!

Expose your work

You will benefit from exposing your work on Pixopolitan and displaying your talents as a photographer to a community of fans of urban photography and interior design! What better reward than to know that your work is being displayed in the living rooms of strangers who share your taste for photography and passion for a particular city?!

Get paid !

Pixopolitan will pay you a commission for each one of your photographs that are sold!

Respond to requests

Pixopolitan allows you to participate in a service that is unique in the world: MyPixopolitan. The concept is simple, if someone is browsing our gallery but can’t find what they are looking for, they can send a request and challenge you to go take the perfect picture in the street or neighborhood of their dreams.


The essential

The company

Founded: October 2012
Our offices: Paris, Bir Hakeim


The Numbers

>Over 10,000 photographs
>Over 200 cities categorized in over 100 countries
>Over 1,000 talented photographers located around the world. 

The co-founders

Romain Barbet

Paul-Henri Blaiset

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